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Cattle farm disinfection and deodorization equipment

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  • Port:shanghai
Hangzhou Fire Print Technology Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang, China
  • Response Time: < 24h
  • Response Rate: 100%
Main Products: Medical waste incinerator
Model No.: HY-9980 Brand: FIRE PRINT Place of Origin: China

Under the mysterious veil of plasma and its esoteric, the fire-printing cattle farm disinfection and deodorization equipment has realized some super functions, and the development of low-temperature plasma air purification technology in the energy-saving and environmental protection industry is immeasurable.
Harmful molecules are called "clusters" (aggregation groups). It is not a stable molecule. Chemical, biological, and odor pollution are essentially complex molecules whose detrimental effects are caused by their complex structure. Oxidation by fire-printing cattle-farming disinfection and deodorization equipment destroys potentially harmful chemicals and biological elements. Chemical bond.
The Fireplate Plasma Generator adds energy to the air, placing the simple elements of the cleaned air in place because the high-energy plasma fills a specific space, and when it moves, it almost touches everything in the air, which eliminates Contaminants in the air, contaminants on the solid surface, remove all odors.
The fire-printed plasma purifier can also transfer harmful gases, the harmful gases that pass through are broken down and decomposed, from macromolecules to small molecules, and the harmful combination is separated into harmless single molecules (but not in contact with flammable and explosive gases).
This product can be used in a single operation, multiple groups in series, and in parallel.
Fire-printing cattle farm disinfection deodorization purification equipment manufacturer
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